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A contemporary network and learning environment for the leaders of tomorrow.

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Horizons was founded to inspire, educate and connect future leaders who want to positively impact the world in which they live. Our aim is to empower our community through life changing experiences that build leadership, investment, and business skills.

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Current Programme

Shape the Future - London 2020

Shape the Future is an independent summit designed exclusively for millennial investors.

As investors building a legacy, we support your ambitions, and have curated a three day summit designed to foster opportunity through learning, personal enrichment and the power of like-minded connections. 

To learn more check out the Shape the Future website.




  • experience:
    The Future of Work

    June 11th
    • Artificial Intelligence: Dystopia vs Utopia
    • Quantum Computing: How and when will this rock our world
    • The Disruptive Millennial: How generational behavioural shifts are changing investment
    • Curse of the Founder: The psychology behind Bill Gates to Elizabeth Holmes
    • Future of Education: Moving away from textbooks
  • experience:
    The Future of Living

    June 12th
    • Biotech: Living until we are 100-years-old
    • Mobility: Getting around as a millenial grandparent
    • Smart Cities: Surveillance capitalism vs utopian town planning
    • Failure: The most epic technology fail
    • Climate Change: How your lifestyle can make a difference
    • Food: What is the food chain of the future


Horizons was co-founded and is managed by Next Generation business owners and investors. Their ambition is to learn and develop their leadership skills and investment insight alongside the Horizons community.

Richard Blackwell

I’ve always been a believer in the strength of a supportive community, be that in developing individual ambitions or simply sharing ideas with likeminded people. I co-founded Horizons because it was an exciting opportunity to harness the potential of a community and bring a group of unique and highly engaged people together to make a difference.

Kydd Boyle

I’m fascinated by connecting people, in order for them to discover passions and overcome anxieties. I also have a well developed sense of adventure and enjoy encouraging people to break out of their comfort zone in order to accelerate their development through experiences. It’s all about the growth mindset!


Horizons works with best-in-class consultants and coaches from an impressive array of industries. We use their expertise to create unique educational content and to deliver bespoke leadership packages to individuals.

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