A contemporary network and learning environment for the leaders of tomorrow.

What we do


Horizons is a global community of Next Generation leaders brought together to collaborate and share experiences. Our aim is to connect an exclusive network of social activists, business owners and investors who are serious about influencing the future.

The true spirit of our movement lies in the value of the connections we create for our network.



Our network fosters a learning environment for our members to grow and improve. We educate our members by working with industry experts to provide insights and deep subject matter knowledge across four pillars – capital markets, technology, investing and philanthropy.

Education is at the core of all our content; as the leaders of tomorrow our members bring their own experiences and aspirations to create a unique peer learning atmosphere.



Out of the network comes opportunity.

Since 2017, the network has hosted over 30 events globally, hosting over 500 international investors, resulting in individual growth, investment opportunities and relationships that circumnavigate the world.

We collaborate with best in class companies to provide signature events that cultivate friendships, business innovations, philanthropic endeavours, and the exchange of ideas.

Join Us

We welcome millennial investors with a range of experiences, challenges and responsibilities. If you are interested in joining us then please get in touch.