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Previously worked as a Senior Advisor for No. 10 Downing Street and the Cabinet Office under 2 British Prime Ministers

Anna Maren Ashford

Life Design

Richard co-founded Horizons after discovering a passion for Venture Investing while working with several family investment offices. He is an active angel investor and passionate about sustainability. He holds a MBA from Hult International Business School.

Richard Blackwell


Prior to co-founding Horizons, Kydd started his career at Citigroup in New York, followed by seven years at Sandaire, a multi-family investment office founded by his family which was sold to Schroders in 2020.

Kydd Boyle


Céline is the Trustee of Infinitus Foundation of her family. WIth her strong investment background in Sustainable and Renewable Investment, she is transforming her family office into a green sustainable family office. Her background is in Finance and Entrepreneurship after having sold and exit a Fintech start-up in the SAAS space. She has been appointed amongst the Top 100 women in Fintech in Singapore. Céline resides in Switzerland / Liechtenstein and holds an PhD in Politics and Finance.

Dr Céline Chi Hae Wong

Co-founder Switzerland

Prior to Horizons China, Clement started his career in life science and tech. Most recently, he co-founded New Frontier Bio, a longevity science company backed by prominent families in the U.S. and Asia. Clement holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he served as Co-President of Greater China Club and Fellow at Harvard Asia Center.

Clement Dai

Co-founder China

Jackie is Managing Partner of Sandbox Ventures. She is former founder and CEO of Slingshot Sponsorship (clients included Red Bull, Hyundai, Sir Richard Branson, Elton John, Prince, Shell, The Rolling Stones, Coors Light & more)

Jackie Fast

Podcast Host

Born in the U.S. & raised in Guatemala. After working in the fashion industry in London, she went on to create ventures in hospitality and wellness in Guatemala. Natalia is currently pursuing a Masters in Innovation, Creativity & Leadership and is also Community Curator at Horizons. She is passionate about how people connect and how communities can create collective change.

Natalia Fernandez

Community Curator

Nyx is the SVP of BrainCo., a world’s leading brain computer interface company, and in charge of Strategic Relationships, Business Collaborations, and PR. Prior to BrainCo, she was the Chief of Staff at the Committee of 100. She holds a JD from Harvard Law School.

Nyx He

Co-founder China

Prior to Horizons, Tom spent a decade at UBS Investment Bank, initially in the Global Markets division in London and Singapore, and then as a Director of Innovation.

Tom Hodson


Based in Sydney, Tim is a Director of Wingate, a leading Australian finance and investment house

Tim Holmes à Court

Co-founder Australia

Prior to Horizons China, Joyce co-founded Pantheon Asset, a leading multi-family office in China with more than $10 billion AUM. 

Joyce Ma

Co-founder China

Natasha is a Next Gen impact investor, philanthropist, mental health activist and founder of Kokoro, a not-for-profit championing mental health for a safer, kinder, and more productive world. She is a convener to the core and passionate about leveraging her deep network to support a global ecosystem of local change-makers. Her work focuses particularly on gender equality, sustainable food, and a healthy planet, all of which underpin and are underpinned by positive mental health.

Natasha Müller

Co-founder Switzerland

Acting CEO and General Manager of Partnerships at Placie, Australia's first fully integrated Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) business.

Edward Myer

Co-founder Australia

Mike is currently studying at the Marshall Business School at USC in California. Mike is keen on pursuing venture capital post-graduation and is using his time at Horizons to gain further experience in the industry.

Mike Reznikovich


Previously provided chief of staff support, first to a private investor in Singapore, later to three CEOs at Morgan Stanley.

Rosanna Ruff

Life Design

Frank is a Next Gen Investor and Board Member from DOB Ecology Family, formerly owners of Kruidvat and Superdrug. He advises business families on how to shape their sustainability legacy and helps companies communicate their impact.

Frank Tobé

Community Host